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Much Props & Thanks

I just ordered Led Conversion Kit for my GSXR 600. After I received it I thought part of order was missing. I contacted them and received immediate response from Will. He was very customer friendly, knew exactly about the order and explained to me where the parts were. During the install I was having connection issues with the low beam and once again I had contacted him about this matter and he was very helpful again in helping me get them figured out and working successfully. The final results look amazing on the bike! Thanks for great customer service. Look forward to receiving the fender eliminator kit I ordered so I can get it installed and see that add on to the bike! Great Job


Just got Type2 fender eliminator kit with blue LED lights installed on my 2015 gsxr 600. Had just previously installed GB1 & GB2 conversion kit with blue pilot lights, the bike looks amazing with the setup. Very bright to say the least, love the products gixxerboys! Props

Brake Strobe

Makes a difference people are noticing me some even flashing maybe they dont like it. But good sign for me makes me know that they see me. :)


Wow what a difference these lights are so bright and amazing. Thank you so much


easy to install, Plug up and play just have to hide the wires and harn behind the cluster but simple and easy to do. I didnt imagine they were going to be that bright been high beAmed Alot of times last night till i hit my high beams back at them. GixxerboyS know there stuff and make it CleaN, simple, And Makes it better then anyone eLse.

Best fender eliminator ever!

Bracket quality and finish is better then i expected. Led is attached well, and is Nice n bright. Packaging is Nice. Customer service is EXCELLENT.

Day Or night bright

easy install...super bright, super white.. and if you may encounter a problem Will, is the man, He is there to help you with in minutes...so important for those who may be nervous on taking on the project. looks great. Thanks Will, GIXXER BOYYYYYYYYS Rock!

let them see you

super easy install, super bright, great quality, they could see your Turn signal from the moon .

Great pilot light

I got white pilot lights.. much brighter than original lights. Great quality, easy install.


The light was perfect nice And bright i did have a problem with it that it didnt want to turn on the next day and i called will this guy is very PRofessional i mean you talking to someone that is there to help if you ever run into a pro with gixxerboys products which i dont think you are buy will is the guy to talk to The led light its bright easy to install and y definitely going to see eve at night


I am very happy with my purchases its looks better then i expected no problem iT is easy to install im Definitely buying from gixxerboys again you should do the same you wont regret


Thank you for an amazing well built product!
Better made and smaller than any I have used and I have done a tone of them as I am an automotive service technician!

Thank you guys for an amazing product and keep up the great products!

2006 gsxr 600 LED's

Fast shipping & very quick response to email. Didn't notice how much of a difference until after the install. I'm not good at electrical work but the easiest install I've done on my bike. They sent me an email with instructions and video for installation. I'm very pleased with these lights & the kit. I will be purchasing other lights from these guys shortly. I would recommend these products to anyone wanting to upgrade. Really glad I found these guys & the products they sell!!

Had been looking for a fender eliminator for about a month. I finally Came across gixxerboys reviews. I was A bit nervous about soldering any wires because iM not an electrician. I ordered The plug aNd play and it was super simple. Only thinG i screwed up was 2 plastic rivets which was my own fault. These guys are the place To order from. 10 stars

Nice product, even nicer staff

This fender eliminator went on in less than a half hour and really cleaned up the look of the rear of the bike as it's supposed to do. The plug and play kit makes it a seamless transition, and they give you a little extra wire just in case. The staff are also super helpful and quick to reply to questions, I have a 2019 and wanted to make sure the 11-18 kits fit, and they were on it so that I could get my order placed! The only recommendation I could have would be to maybe consider a small notch in the edge of the plate to allow the wiring to pass through rather than tucking behind the edge of the plate itself. Still, highly recommend!!

As advertised

This kit is super clean, super easy to install and awesome quality. Will def be buying more from them and I highly recommend this fender eliminator.

Great product

One of the best looking plate HOLDERs in my opinion. The leds lite up the plate nicely at night and it was easy to install.

Fits perfectly

very easy install and the plate frame fit perfectly. looks awesome!

Love them!!

Lights are very easy to install. A little harder on the left side than the right due to space, but it took less than 5 minutes. They are very bright and look great!

The best fits perfectly love the way it looks

Its really nice the way my motorcycle looks easy to install took my about 20 min to do it

Super clean look

Have to say that i absolutely love the look of this fender eliminator kit! Super easy to install. Took maybe 30 min. Purchased the plug and play which made it simple. Would highly recommend this product. Quality is top notch

Wow!!!gb2+gb4 kit

By far the easiest MOD I've done to my bike so FAR. The guys at gixxerboys made everything super easy to install and quality is top notch. I have nothing bad to say about this kit. I will definitely be recommending THis company to anyone looking for lights.


GIXXERBOYS ... the fender eliminator is in, and the quality is incredible ... and super fast (Gixxer Speed 😉) delivery from the US to Canada.

GB5 andGB5 and latest version of GB 6

as always these folks never disappoint 😁. I just upgraded from their first generation H ID kit to the newest LED kit and I am so happy I did The Amber LED turn signal bulbs are just as good. keep up the good work bro

they work

nothing crazy or SPECTACULAR here, just good bulbs at a good price. Well worth the price. their other products are pretty good too. 2nd PURCHASE from GIXXERboys and ill be back for more.